Visa Guidelines

Visa Guidelines

Nest Academy Visa Guidelines: 


All non-nationals in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are required to obtain a Visa. Nest Academy Dubai provides Student Visa for applicants studying on any of our academic programmes.




1.Student visas are issued for duration of 12 months at a time; hence an graduation pathway student may require 2 or 3 renewals during their course of study.

2.Student visa sponsorship is only available for students who have accepted the offer of admission, cleared all academic conditions (if any) and paid the student visa charges and admission application charges.

3.The process normally takes upto 3 weeks and typically applications undergo a security check by UAE government authorities. Student visa applications from some countries may be required to submit additional documentation by the UAE government authorities (e.g. attested birth certificate translated in legal Arabic) and may occasionally result in delays beyond the control of Nest Academy Dubai.

4.Student visa holders are not able to sponsor a residence visa for their family members.

5.Part-time jobs/internship conditions and qualifications should be addressed to Operations Department.

6.Students are requested to ensure that they have adequate medical/travel insurance in Dubai until their Nest Academy Dubai student visa has been stamped into your passport.

7.All students applying for a academy-sponsored visa must undergo a UAE medical check.

8.In the unlikely event that your student visa application is unsuccessful, 70% of visa charges will be refunded.

9.Any fines, penalties and additional charges incurred because of late submission of documents required will be the sole responsibility of the student.

10.In case of withdrawal or deferral of a student, student visa needs to be canceled. Failure to do so, any advance payment of tuition fees is non-refundable. A new student visa may be applied (corresponding fees applied) if the student wishes to re-join subject to approval from higher authorities of the university.

11.Student Visa charges are set by Immigration Authority may be subject to change.

12.It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that at least 3 blank pages are available on the passport.

13.In the event of systems upgrade, systems shutdown, maintenance and the like made by the Immigration and or Freezone Authorities on their system, it will be beyond the Academy’s control to predict the timeline of student visa processing.

New Visa Application:


1.New students are advised to complete the new student visa application and submit all requirements at least 3 weeks before the commencement of the programme.

2.If student is outside UAE and entry permit has been approved, student must send their flight details at least 5 days before their arrival date to ensure that their original entry permit can be deposited at the airport where they will be arriving.

3.Student who is below 18 years old must submit No Objection certificate attested by UAE embassy in home country.

4.Students applying late may choose to apply for UAE tourist/visit visa to ensure that they will be in time for the start of the programme.

5.For a student who applied for a student visa while holding a tourist/visit visa, immigration status needs to be changed. The extra cost of incountry status change is paid by the student.


Student visa renewal:


1.The student is responsible for visa renewal. Student visa renewal forms, proof of payment and other required documents need to be submitted to visa office 2 weeks before the visa expires.

2.The student needs to be in the country all throughout the visa renewal process.

3.Visa renewal takes upto 3 weeks and student needs to undergo a medical exam.


Student visa cancellation:


1.Student’s visa will be canceled if student finished his/her studies, wish to defer, interrupt or withdraw from his/her studies, convicted of any criminal offense or does not comply with the rules and regulations required by the university

2.If the student is out of the country for 6 consecutive months, a student visa will be void and he/she will not be able to enter UAE unless formally canceled while he/she is out of UAE. Additional cancellation and penalty fees may apply.

3.Original passport, Emirates ID card, and medical insurance card need to be submitted to the visa office.

4.In the event the student is out of the country he/she may pay an additional cancellation fee.

5.If the student failed to cancel the visa or failed to exit after the provided grace period, the academy may report him/her to the Immigration authorities and proceed with the filling of the absconding case. Student will be liable to pay for the proceedings. After the case has been finalized, the student will not be able to enter the country on any types of visa in the future.

6.Student who wish to request for cancellation Student Visa have to come in person to the office and complete all the procedure as per Cancellation Policy



Visa Cancellations Charges



Entry Permit Cancellation



Residence Visa Cancellation – if in country



Residence Visa Cancellation – Out of UAE with Passport



Residence Visa Cancellation – Out of UAE without Passport



Please note that visa charges are set by TECOM Government Authorities and may be subject to change. All charges are inclusive of VAT.

*Fees are subject to change dependent on the exchange rate at the time of payment.



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