Admission Procedure

For admission to any of the management programmes offered at our campuses, candidates must comply with application guidelines. The admissions process helps us select students whose ambitions and abilities align with the management industry. By following our step-by-step admissions guide, we’ll find out more about you while you decide which management programme fits your goals.



Qualification Pathway

  • UG Programmes through Integrated foundation programme – After the successful completion of Year 10 or equivalent by a recognized board
  • Successfully completed High School / Year 12 / AS / A Level examinations or equivalent from a recognized board

Professional Pathway

Graduate in any subject from a recognized University



Submit duly filled Provisional Admission form along with AED 365 and the following documents:

  • 4 passport size photographs (not more than 6 months old)
  • Email a scanned image of the student’s signature to [email protected]
  • Photocopy of Year 10 Transcripts and passing certificates
  • Photocopy of High School / Year 12 / AS / A Level attested transcripts and passing certificates. Additional documents if applicable for awarding body
  • Photocopy of attested graduation transcripts and provisional certificates/ Degree (applicable only for postgraduate programmes
  • Applicants whose results are awaited can submit their results to date and exam admit details
  • Experience Certificates, if any
  • Photo Id proof and address proof- passport (Country Id card acceptable for students from Nepal and Bhutan)
  • English Language proficiency test(If applicable)
  • Kindly note that students need to produce the original copy of all of the above mentioned above documents at the time of admission
  • All uploaded documents shall be a scanned copy of the original documents only, not photocopies
  • All uploaded documents must be in English ( Translate to English if need be)
  • It is mandatory that the transcript is attested by either the issuing authority/ school/ Ministry of Education/ Embassy in your country or by Country/ Mission i.e. your consulate in UAE/ Ministry of foreign affairs


  • An applicant needs to successfully complete the evaluation process including telephonic interview or skype call
  • The prime objective of the evaluation process is to check the applicant’s academic goals, self-awareness level, and proficiency in English
  • Selected applicants shall be informed by phone/email regarding their election and payment of fees


  • Selected applicants who wish to apply for a student visa need to fill the application form along with visa application fee
  • The selected applicant will have to pay the first installment of college admission and administrative charges within 2 weeks of receipt of entry permit from the immigration authority
  • For students not applying for Student Visa payment to be done within
    2 weeks of announcement of selection
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