Training Methodology

Classroom Sessions

Regular Lectures

To positively impact the perspective of our students, lectures are delivered by our experienced core team of faculty, along with visiting faculty from top Management Institutes, and professionals from the Sports, Hospitality, Computing, Business, Teacher Training and Events Industries.

Assignments and Projects

Assignments and projects are a part of our curriculam. These provide our students ample opportunities to meet, interact and build relations with popular and experienced individuals in their respective industries, under the able guidance of our dedicated faculty.


To keep our students updated with the current affairs in the Sports, Hospitality, Computing, Business, Teacher Training and Events Management Industries, we frequently organize uniquely designed workshops that focus on industry-oriented themes shortlisted by our team of experts.

Simulated Sessions

We have developed an exceptional methodology that helps replicate the process of organizing and managing an event in real-time. Students are trained to formulate a model event and present it live in the classroom. This exercise gives them an opportunity to walk through minute aspects of executing events.

Master Class

Nest Academy’s Master Classes intend to keep students aware of the current world of Sports, Hospitality, Computing, Business, Teacher Training and Events Management. Guest speakers from various areas of these industries share their knowledge and help students form ideas and insights about these industries.

Case Studies

Our curriculum includes the use of case studies in order to highlight various practical and situational issues. The brainstorming and discussions help streamline our students’ thought processes and sharpen analytical abilities by exploring, identifying and solving issues.
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