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Nest Academy is licensed and approved by UK Accredited

Nest Academy is licensed and approved by UK Accredited and offers credit bearing UK Qualifications at all level in new age careers.

Business and Management



Master the elements of International Business and Management and be well acquainted in international business, finance, sales and marketing, human resources, personnel management, operations and retail management.

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Event Management

Start your career in one of the fastest growing industries covering a spectrum of conferences, corporate events, trade fairs, expos, weddings, media and entertainment events and much more.

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The Industry that literally runs the world is also the one which is highly pays and offers enormous growth. Get the chance to study about Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Data Analytics, Ethical Hacking , Gaming and much more.  Be a part of a community which is required by one and all.

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Sports Management

Learn the management, business and cultural aspects of sports and pursue a career in sports marketing, facility and sports event management, leadership, financial management in sports, etc.

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Hospitality Mangement



Learn how you can be a part of the industry through the varied roles and opportunities like Manager for Hotel, Front Desk,Restaurant, Spa Recreation and much more.


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English Language Courses

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.Take this opportunity to better your skills be it writing, reading or speaking and progress from being at a beginner to a professional .

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The Life At Nest Academy

Nest Academy campus is located in the heart of Dubai International Academic City (DIAC). Home to numerous regional and international colleges and universities, DIAC serves over 24,000 students from all around the world. Along with the main campus in Academic City, you will have learning sessions at multiple training facilities, event arenas and venue in Dubai like: Dubai Sports City (Southern Dubai).






















Skill based Employment oriented Courses

The courses are specially designed to build the skill sets needed to succeed in the industry. With an emphasis on practical training and giving best internship opportunities, our faculty guide students in every step of the way. Assessments are based on assignments, case studies, entrepreneurship projects, and collaborative presentations.

Encourage Students to Integrate their Passion and Profession

At Nest Academy of Management Education Dubai, our objective is to generate skilled industry-ready professionals in new age careers. We at Nest Academy encourage students to make their passion into profession by supporting them with Scholarship Assistance, providing Student Visa and procuring Student Work Permit.

Reasons to stay in Dubai



With easy access and connectivity to the West and close proximity to the East, Dubai has become a hub for entertainment and lifestyle. The city has a high per capita income .



Expo 2020 will create tens of thousands of vacancies in the Event Management Industry in Dubai. The USD 125B Entertainment and Events industry of Dubai is always looking for young, talented and qualified professionals like you.










Studying in a different country offers many new activities and interests that you may never have discovered if you had stayed at home.A benefit to studying abroad is the opportunity to discover yourself.


Study in a campus which hosts more than 30,000 international students from 160+ nationalities to make friends with and learn from.




Residence Student Visa in Dubai and the possibility of student work permit allows you to explore Dubai as a truly international destination to work and learn.



Our Blogs

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Nest Academy offers an exceptional Extended Diploma in Business & Management, designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in business. This program stands out for its comprehensive curriculum, hands-on learning...

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