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Why choose Nest Academy?


Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) launched the Teacher and Educational Leadership Standards (TELS) and Licensing pilot project in September 2016 with 227 teachers. At present it is a requirement by UAE govt in case you are a teacher in UAE.We at NEST ACADEMY have created a solution that fits the discreet needs of schools as well as individual teachers.

Who is it for?

Our programs are aimed at anyone who wants to peruse a teaching profession in UAE. Along with existing teacher, a budding teacher can also be part of it. We offer standardized programs and qualifications for both Emirati and expatriate teachers in private and public schools.

How it Works?

All teachers must first apply for a Provisional Teacher Status (PTS). In order to receive this, teachers must have relevant qualifications and experience, provide proof of legal status, a certificate of good conduct and fitness, as well as an IELTS score of 6. All teachers in Dubai must have their PTS by 2021. Having received the PTS, if they meet the requirements, they can then begin the application for the Competent Teacher Status (CTS) permit.

“Becoming a teacher that too certified permit holder one puts you in that rare position where you can have a positive impact on the day-to-day lives of all your students. The sense of accomplishment you will obtain from being a successful teacher is a unique and empowering feeling.”

Train your own teachers for Teacher Permit and competent teacher Status by making your school  a Center of Teaching Excellence with the help of NEST ACADEMY. By becoming your training partner, NEST ACADEMY will support you in your endeavour to train your own schoolteachers and helping you to meet your certifications/permit targets set by UAE Educational Authorities.

Becoming our partner will save you time on preparing courses and your teachers can access the best training materials available. Our resources have been compiled by experts in education sector and are mapped to specific needs of UAE.

Am I eligible?

Currently, there are certain minimum requirements, which applicant teachers must meet in order to qualify for a teacher’s position, whether in public or private schools. The minimum requirements are:

  • A criminal record clearance and a medical status report
  • Original certificate of educational qualifications, university certificate; minimum requirement is an average score of Good
  • Attestation of certificates in case the educator has graduated from a university outside the UAE; the certificate must be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the country’s embassy in the UAE

The non-national applicants must have a working experience of two years in any school. The applicant’s working experience has to include the previous school joining and resignation date. Moreover, it has to be attested.

The candidate has to obtain an IELTS Certificate in the following:

  • English with a minimum score of 6.5
  • Mathematics and Information Technology with a minimum score of 5.5
  • Learning Resource Centre with a minimum score of 0.4

How can teachers apply for the CTS PERMIT?

There are two ways for teachers to apply for the CTS. Teachers without an international permit must complete the UAE TELS exam for Standards 1, 2, 3 and 4. Teachers must also show proof of professional development and self-assessments in form of a mini portfolio, as well as a teacher training qualification.Teachers that have an international teaching permit from certain countries are exempt from taking the exams for Standard 2, 3, and 4. They must take the Standard 1 exam, however. They must also show proof of professional development and self-assessments in form of a mini portfolio.


Roadmap for competent Teachers



PGCTL / Diploma in Teaching (ATHE Level 6)


Programme Information

Professional Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning (PGCTL) is a graduate level school-based teacher qualification. PGCTL is designed to equip educators, who already have subject matter expertise within their academic discipline with the knowledge, skills, and competence, to teach at the K-12 level. It provides a cutting-edge curriculum that blends international best practices with topics of particular relevance for teachers in the region. It combines theoretical studies and practical experience allowing participants to take what they learn in the course and immediately apply it to their teaching. The overall programme approach is grounded in experiential learning, critical thinking and reflective teaching.

Professional Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning (PGCTL) will support educational authorities in the country to develop teachers with a high level of pedagogical know-how and competence in order to compete globally and to ensure high quality education in comparison with the best standards of education worldwide.

Professional Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning (PGCTL) will support teachers, in Public and Private Schools, who have little or no formal teaching background as well as experienced teachers who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills based on teaching methodologies and pedagogies.

Professional Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning (PGCTL) is a world class, internationally benchmarked & validated qualification for teachers to support their development and to enhance the quality of learning outcomes in the classroom.


The programme provides a professional qualification for existing teachers. The Professional Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning (PGCTL) combines relevant theory with real-world application, allowing participants to take what they learn in the course and immediately apply it to their teaching. Through a flexible online platform NEST ACADEMY, participants can access programme content and contribute to class discussions on their own schedule and at own pace

Benchmarking and Endorsement

Professional Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning (PGCTL) is benchmarked against international teaching standards and covers:

  • Pedagogy: Teaching and learning principles, teaching skills
  • Development and design: Curriculum, teaching and learning resources
  • Learning assessment: Design, development, grading assessments (formative and summative)
  • Human development: Psychology; cognitive, social and physical development
  • Classroom Management: Discipline, physical arrangement of classroom
  • Educational Technology: Computer applications in education, online learning and assessment.
  • Teaching practice

Professional Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning (PGCTL) is validated and endorsed by educational experts internationally. It has been endorsed by UK Awarding Body at the at UK RQF level 6 (UAE Level 7) and is approved by KHDA, Dubai as a teaching qualification for school teachers.

Impact and Career

Professional Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning (PGCTL) will impact on teaching and learning by:

  • Enhancing learning experiences
  • Improving student learning outcomes
  • Upskilling of teachers & hands-on learning experiences
  • Having better engaged classroom


PGCTL develops

  • Technical, creative and analytical skills appropriate to solving specialized problems using evidentiary and procedural based processes in predictable and new contexts
  • The skills to evaluate, select and apply appropriate methods, procedures or techniques while teaching and also to evaluate and implement appropriate tools and strategies in education and pedagogy
  • Communication and Information technology skills to present, explain and/or critique complexand unpredictable matters


This programme, is designed to fit into the institutional commitments of busy professionals. The programme can be completed in 300 guided learning hours (60 Credits). It takes 10 Months for a working professionalto complete the qualification.

Delivery Mode

Blended. It includes weekly face-to-face classes (as minimum required criteria), research project, online learning and portfolio creation through our app ‘NEST ACADEMY’ (available on iOS/Android/Web).


PGCTL can be delivered in English or Arabic.

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