Diploma in International Sports Management

Nest Academy’s Diploma in International Sports Management is designed for graduates from all streams who intend to pursue Sports Management. The well-designed curriculum allows students to understand and apply the business principles in sports context.
By the end of programme, students will be able to apply their Diploma in the international job market by securing jobs at Sports Celebrity Management Companies, Sports Leagues & Federations, Sports Arenas, Sports Networks, Sports Brands, etc.

Our theory-to-practice curriculum enables students to have comprehensive theoretical knowledge and considerable practical experience in equal measures. The actual work experience allows students to develop technical skills, confidence and a chance to network with professionals of the industry. Nest Academy’s Placement Cell offers diverse opportunities to students in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, Finance, Law, etc. related to Sports Industry.

Programme Details

1 Year

Graduate in any stream

Programme Highlights


  • Sports Celebrity Management
  • International Sporting Event Management
  • Sports Marketing & Branding
  • Sports Merchandising
  • International Facilities & Venue Management
  • Sports Communication & PR
  • Sports Event Photography
  • International Sports Leagues & Management
  • Sports Technology & Equipments
  • Interpersonal Skills

Programme Modules

Module 1
Strategic Planning for Sport Business

Module 2
Finance for Strategic Sport Managers

Module 3
Sports Operations Management

Module 4
Personal Development for Leadership and Strategic Management in Sport

Module 5
Strategic Human Resource Management in Sport Organisations

Module 6
Strategic Marketing for Sports

Module 7
Sports Events Management

Module 8
International Sports Business Environment

Practical Training Photos

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