4 Years in Sports Management

(ATHE UK Level 4-5-6)

With a focused aim of imparting a strong knowledge base and preparing students for the myriad opportunities in the Sports Management Industry, Nest Academy’s Pathway in Sports Management is an ideal programme that melds the cultural and business aspects of sports. The programme offers a well-developed understanding of the complexities and challenges of the 21st Century Sports Management industry and aids students to be skilled professionals.

Our theory-to-practice curriculum enables students to have comprehensive theoretical knowledge and considerable practical experience in equal measures. The actual work experience allows students to develop technical skills, confidence and a chance to network with professionals of the industry. Nest Academy’s Placement Cell offers diverse opportunities to students in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, Finance, Law, etc. related to Sports Industry.

Programme Details

3 Years (Full Time)

High School/Grade 12/A/AS Level
or Grade 10 + Foundation Course

Programme Highlights

  • Sports Facility and Event Management
  • Managing Leagues and Athletes
  • Law & Risk Management in Sports
  • Leisure and Recreation Management
  • Media Relations in Sports Business
  • Technologies in Sports
  • Negotiation and Athlete Presentation
  • Sports Journalism
  • Sports Celebrity Management
  • Sports Entrepreneurship
  • Sports Tourism

Programme Modules

Year 1

ATHE UK Level 4 Diploma in Sports Management

Module 1
Introduction to the Sports and Leisure Sectors

Module 2
Professional and Academic Skills

Module 3
Sales and Marketing

Module 4
Principles of Management and Human Resourcing


Year 2

ATHE UK Level 4 Extended Diploma in Sports Management

Module 5
Health, Fitness and Exercise

Module 6
Financial and Management Accounting Techniques for Managers

Module 7
Cultural Perspectives

Module 8
Digital Communications

Year 3

ATHE UK Level 5 Extended Diploma in Sports Management

Module 1
Sport and Leisure Operations

Module 2
The Sport Consumer

Module 3
Sports Development and Coaching

Module 4
Work-Based Project and Career Development (double module)

Module 5
Leading Work Teams

Module 6
Business Law

Module 7
Business Ethics

Module 8
Work-Based Project and Career

Year 4

ATHE UK Level 6 Extended Diploma in Sports Management

Module 1
Contemporary Issues in Sports Management

Module 2
Sports Events Management

Module 3
Services Marketing Management and Public Relations

Module 4
Strategic Management

Module 5

Module 6
Academic and Research Skills




Practical Training Photos

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