Need for Sports Management

Untapped Opportunity

The sporting industry is a multi-million dollar business in the UAE that promises continued growth as more and more world-class sports personnel participate in the mega sporting events. Total Economic Impact of Sports in Dubai is more than USD 670M. This growth creates a pressing need for well-prepared talents in various categories of sports management in order to satisfy industry demand.

Rising Demand for Sports Professionals

There is a growing demand for managers who can combine their knowledge and passion for a particular sport with the necessary toolkit to drive a club or organization towards enduring success, both on the field and in the boardroom. Increased professionalism and commercialization of the global sports industry leads to a demand for higher quality talent.

Sports Sponsorship, Media & Broadcast

All the major international events held in Dubai each year benefit from sponsorship from globally recognized brands, both Dubai-based and overseas. Sponsorship spends for sports events in Dubai is USD 100M p.a., with around 70% of this attributable to the major events held in the Emirates. The television and media (including social media) coverage associated with hosting sports events generates substantial exposure and awareness for Dubai, providing a platform to showcase itself to international visitors and promote itself as a leading destination for tourism.

Global Sports Tourism & Participation

Sports participation, both by residents and tourists, and other economic elements are estimated to have contributed USD 172m to Dubai’s economy, with approx USD 8m of additionality from overseas visitors participating in sport using publicly available/community facilities. Other sports popular amongst tourists include watersports, and, increasingly, extreme sports. Mass participation events attract over 85,000 participants each year in Dubai.

Success of Leagues

UAE regularly hosts championships, which involve renowned international players, big rewards and huge public following. Some of the major championships include Arabian Gulf League, Abu Dhabi Golf Championship, Mubadala World Tennis Championship, Dubai Desert Classic, Dubai Tennis Championships, Rugby Sevens, and Dubai World Cup

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