Once, there was a little boy who was invited to a fun day in the castle of a rich American businesswoman, who has a great fortune. That little boy was astonished by the gold statues that are spread almost in every corner of the house, the yard and at the entrance of the castle. Everyone was having fun, swimming in the pool and having a great time, while that boy was just staring at a statue beside him in the yard. The rich lady saw him, she approached and asked him why he’s not with others having fun. He replied that he dreams of having a castle like this and that he hopes to own one in the future. The lady smiled and told him: “When I was a child like you, I always dreamed of owning a castle and being rich with fancy cars and a big family. I grew up and I studied, I started my career and I kept dreaming, I haven’t stopped dreaming not even for a second. I worked hard and I became successful, I earned money and I had the chance to meet my wealthier husband. we got married and we lived in this castle where we are now, and I have a big great family of 7 kids. I’m telling you my story kid just to tell you that if you always dream of something, never give up on it. Continue dreaming and insisting on it and definitely, you’ll get it one day. I believe that we only get what we strongly want and dreams can be our future plan with perseverance and strong will.”  


Ms. Lara Bouty

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