The role of culture is that it’s the form through which we as a society reflect on who we are, where we’ve been, where we hope to be. – Wendell Pierce

International Day 2021 was organised by the members of the Student Council Committee and a group of student volunteers to give the student community and faculty an opportunity to showcase their cultures and celebrate the diversity of it at NEST Academy of Management Education.


The cultures of over 20 countries were exhibited by the students and faculty through dance, music, food and presentations. There was dynamic interaction between everyone as they presented their cultures and traditions and at the same time were intrigued by the same of other countries. The students from Nepal won the Student’s Choice Best Exhibitor award and the students from Rwanda won the Best Country Representation award. 

Speaking to Armaan Khan who represented Nepal he said: “Representing my country away from our country gives me goosebumps. I have gained a lot of knowledge about other cultures and countries too. I thank NEST Academy and the Student Council committee for organising this event and giving us the opportunity to celebrate the cultural diversity at the Academy

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