How To Apply


How To Apply


Candidates who wish to study at Nest Academy Dubai will be required to submit the Admission Application Form along various documents to support their application. The Admission Application and list of required documents can be found here.


1) Application form and other documents

First step in the admission form is to send the filled admission application form and other required documents to [email protected]


2) Telephonic Interview

Upon establishing eligibility and after review of Academic Documents/Transcripts a telephonic /skype interview with the students will be conducted with the prime objective to assess the purpose & motivation of the applicant and English proficiency.

An Application Fees of AED 365 / USD 100 needs to be transferred by the student to the Academy or to the referring Education Consultant before the results of the interview are shared student.


3) Conditional Admission Confirmation Letter

Once the student has successful passed the Interview, the Admissions Department will send the student Conditional Admission Confirmation Letter. The Offer Letter is typically sent within two working days from passing the telephonic interview.

Congratulations! Once an Offer Letter has been received, the student is advised to read the letter carefully, as this will outline the programme you have applied for, the start date, tuition fees, and key other information.


4) Apply for Student Visa

Students who require a Student Visa may contact the Admissions Office who will then assist with the Student Visa formalities. The student will have to remit Student Visa application charges of USD 1,100. The process normally takes up to 3 weeks; hence, the students are advised to remit the visa charges as early as possible. Students can find further information on the Student Visa here.

  • Entry Permit

    • Normally within 3 weeks of having applied for the student visa, the immigration will issue a Student Residence Visa Entry using which the student can travel to Dubai, UAE.

    • Preview copy of the Entry Permit will be shared with the student, which serves as a confirmation of the student visa. Student will have to remit the Tuition Fee or the Instalment due as per the Admission Confirmation Letter within 2 weeks of having received the preview copy of the Entry Permit.

    • After having entered the UAE, the student will need to complete the Emirates ID and visa stamping process which can take up to 60 days.

 Apply for Student Accommodation

Studying at Nest Academy Dubai may be the first experience of living away from home for many students. Our Student Accommodation is a ‘home away from home’ for students during their studies at the Academy. More information regarding the accommodation can be found here.


Apply for a Scholarship

The Academy offers various scholarships to new and returning students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in academic, sporting or cultural and community activity. International students, alumni and family members of Nest Academy Dubai students can all enjoy special grants and awards. Students can find out more here.

Credits for previous study or transfer credits from another university

Nest Academy Dubai welcomes students who have completed one or more years of study at a recognised university, college or higher education (HE) institution who have earned academic credits in approved post-secondary qualifications. Additional information on transfer of credits and advance placement is available here.


Tuition Fees

Students are provided with the tuition fee payment schedule along with the Conditional Admission Confirmation Letter. If the students may require further information or clarification of the Tuition Fee they can send a mail to [email protected] and the finance department will get in touch with the student.


Stay in Touch

Along with the Offer Letter, the Academy will send further information to students and contact them from time to time with updates on the admissions process, Academy offers and any events which they may be interested in. If students change their contact details, they will need to inform our Admissions Department immediately to ensure we have the correct and most up to date details.

Our Admissions Department should be the first point for any queries students may have about their application. Students will have an Admissions Counsellor who will be in touch with them and this will be the best person to contact. Alternatively, students can contact the team via the details below:

[email protected]

Tel-+971 (0) 4243 1119

Mob-+971 5858 7 6263



Reach Us

  • 306, 3rd Floor, Block 10,
    Dubai International Academic City,
    Dubai, UAE
  • Level 2A, GateA5, Dubai International Stadium, Dubai Sports City, Dubai, UAE

For Telephonic Enquiry:
+971 5858 7 6263 / +971 4243 1119

Email us:
[email protected]

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