Emirates ID

Emirates ID

As per the immigration rules of the United Arab Emirates, students who have a Student Visa with an education institution are required to have a valid Emirates ID card. The Emirates ID card is applied for along with the Student Visa.

Students also need to be aware that the Student Visa cannot be renewed or cancelled without their Emirates ID card. In the event that the Emirates ID card is lost, students must visit the campus and inform at the reception or connect with the concerned staff via the below details.

For any inquires in regard to visa you may contact us via the details below:

Email. [email protected]
Telephone No.  +971 4243 1119 / +9715858 7 6263



Reach Us

  • 306, 3rd Floor, Block 10,
    Dubai International Academic City,
    Dubai, UAE
  • Level 2A, GateA5, Dubai International Stadium, Dubai Sports City, Dubai, UAE

For Telephonic Enquiry:
+971 5858 7 6263 / +971 4243 1119

Email us:
[email protected]

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