It gives me immense pleasure to address the readers of the maiden issue of the Campus Chronicles – our academy magazine. We have been passing through times that are transformational, challenging yet opportunistic. I am elated to see that more and more students from across the globe are taking the ambitious and rewarding decision of taking up higher education in progressive developed countries like Dubai, UAE for new age qualifications with Nest Academy of Management Education, taking the count of diversity at our campus to more than 30 nationalities now. The Pandemic has not deterred their dreams and we at Nest Academy are here to do everything to equip the students to materialize their dreams.

I thank the leadership of the Nest Academy group for continuing to support the effort of the Dubai Campus of providing affordable Quality British Education with work experience in a developed country like Dubai, with generous Covid Scholarships consistently across three admission intakes. I sincerely thank the leadership of UAE and Dubai in these pandemic times for taking unparalleled measures to secure the lives of its residents by being the prima donna in vaccination drive, to providing free quarantine and treatment to its residents to open the economy earlier than any other developed country could. 

Nest Academy has quickly adapted to the new normal, the digital world coexisting with the physical world. We have pioneered in Dubai the initiative of having hybrid lectures, where students are able to attend physically, maintain the social distancing norms, and the same lectures relayed live for students to attend online and facilitate the recordings of these lectures to those students who have missed attending physically or live-online by referring to the recordings.

As a result of the tireless efforts of one of the most experienced team of professors in the field of vocational higher education, Nest Academy is proud to announce that we have consecutively cleared two external quality assurance from the UK exam bodies, and hence been able to award certificates of qualifications to two batches of students consecutively. We are eagerly waiting for more batch’s certifications which probably, before the next issue of the Campus Chronicles we will be announcing the positive outcomes.

The student council and on-campus team of Nest Academy has done a phenomenal job at engaging the students in various activities on the sporting and cultural front for the overall welfare of the student community. Majority of our students have found industry internships to apply the learnings of the classroom in real life and learn the corporate lessons live.

We have expanded our suite of university progression arrangements and added 4 more countries, taking the tally to a total of 12 developed countries where our students can now migrate to and take credit transfers and progress further in their global journey.

These achievements that range from academic front to student engagement to global mobility, is not for us to rest, but for us to take inspiration from, strive harder to achieve more laurels and beat further benchmarks. We aim to achieve more academic laurels, more distinctions, more graduations, more events organized by the students, more competitions to win, more internships and more global mobility. Nest Academy is truly a platform for those who wish to fulfill global aspirations and stand out from the masses. With the power of affordable global education accessible in developed countries, our students can become “Champions for life”!

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