Over centuries, a focal point of creating and developing a society has been education. Earlier the education was centered around the needs of the industry and society based on the changes created by the last Industrial Revolution. 

They say “Sometimes nothing can happen for Decades and then Decades can happen in Weeks”. Covid has brought around that change which in normal times would have taken decades to happen, be it embracing technology in multi facets of daily life, making education more democratic and affordable, Work from Home possible or many other such facets of our day to day life. 

With the new Digital Revolution taking place both in day to day life of the society and in the industry, education again has become a focal point to lead the next generation to be prepared for the ensuing change. With so much of Information Overdose available to everyone on each and every thing by just click of a button, role of Education is even more important to help students de-clutter and focus on what is important from all the plethora of information available.


The recent World Economic Forum data suggests that 45% of the white collar jobs of 2030, don’t even exist today. So in such uncertain times, role of Education is even more Important since the 21st Century literate is no longer the one who just knows how to read and write. He is somebody who knows how to learn, unlearn and re learn. Making the next generation embrace Self-learning is important and that can be done by ensuring the love for and bringing curiousity back to the students. 

The history of education has been marked by one most important factor – the teacher-student relationship. With the changing world, teaching has changed its processes and guises. This change has been evolutionary. One thing remains the same, the imparting of CORE education, not just academic but that for living and surviving in a changing world.

Teachers have always gone beyond the classroom. They have created lasting relationships with students, influenced them, protected them, and shown them the way. Beyond the books, they have provided moral and emotional support when needed. They have created safe spaces to encourage individuality and social responsibility. Teachers have always taken on multi-dimensional roles and have fulfilled them as best possible.

They say that there is “Learning in Diversity”. Our students at NEST join us from across the globe. They bring with them experiences that are unique to each of them. Social, cultural, and political differences shape their perceptions of themselves and the world around them. From their individual lives, they are connected to a community of learning and growing. This connection is developed by our incredible teachers. They work tirelessly to ensure our students’ comfort in a new environment.

I am greatly proud of our teachers for taking on a responsibility to nurture diversity. They have gone beyond their regular duties as teachers to provide to our students a healthy, open, and nuanced learning environment.

Our students join us just before their entry into a professional world. Our teachers understand how crucial this stage of life is. I am so glad to know that our teachers take special efforts to prepare our students not only academically, but also to face the challenges of the larger world. Their teaching process includes guiding and motivating. They work to create a class of professional, gracious and tenacious students and professionals who can tomorrow be WORLD LEADERS. 

On this World Teachers’ Day, I would like to celebrate our dedicated and passionate teachers by thanking them. They have to continuously ensure the combining of a personal and professional touch to their teaching. They have granted our students a curiosity and confidence in their place in the world. They have empowered the students to learn and evolve. 

I would like to thank our teachers for understanding and appreciating the diverse backgrounds of our students. They have adapted to and adopted this diversity and used it as a tool to encourage inclusion and equality. 

Our teachers have taken the changes brought on by the pandemic in stride. They have seamlessly shifted the online forum, without missing a beat in the rhythm of their teaching. I am so pleased to see their commitment to continuing their communication with the students. Their efforts have been the slice of normalcy we have all so needed during these difficult years.

Finally, I thank our teachers for all that they are creating. They are creating the professionals of tomorrow that are not out of touch with today. Our teachers are shaping a group of individuals that are dynamic and driven. Our teachers have always inspired integrity and honesty among our students. They have created for our students a foundation that will catalyse them toward a secure, successful, and sustainable future.

Mr. Vinit Rughani

Director, NEST Academy of Management Education

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