Using Crisis as an Opportunity

As the dreaded pandemic continues to unfold and mutate into newer variants around the world, each one of us is left with one question in mind, ‘When will this end?’ or rather hoping that ‘I want to live normally … enough is enough!’ 

Amidst all this, we came across a lot of viewpoints and thoughts from experts and analysts around the globe but an old wiser’s quote that factually got implied was “In the midst of every Crisis, lies Great Opportunity”. There’s no denying the fact that businesses and lives have been drastically affected but newer avenues and opportunities opened up because the human mind was forced to think differently. Who’d have thought that the entire world would move on ZOOM. The EdTech industry is at its Peak; E-Commerce has boomed to the highest levels; New start-ups and Entrepreneurs have come into being. 

This has certainly been emulated by individuals as well. Be it networking on professional/social media to gaining an added certification/qualification in digital domains, to even starting a healthy routine, or to even bringing the Chef out of You; Our lifestyles and perspectives have definitely changed and continue to evolve furthermore and like never before. 

Adapt to it. Embrace it !!!


By Leon Corriea

Program Lead – Tourism and Hospitality Qualifications 

NAME, Dubai

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