Academic Philosophy

Our courses have been conceptualized in accordance with the following eight core principles


We provide relevant and up-to-date curricula, one that is abreast with the developments of the Sports, Events, Hospitality, Computing, Teacher Training and Business Management Industry


We maintain our students’ curiosity and interest levels; our education system is designed with an optimal mix of theoretical and practical concepts


We aspire to nurture and empower our students into well-groomed, confident and successful Sports, Events, Hospitality, Computing, Teacher Training and Business Management Professionals


We lay a high degree of emphasis on building relations within the industry; practical training, internships and workshops help in collaborating with the sports, events and corporate world


We pursue excellence by playing a proactive role in constantly stimulating our students’ intellect


We regularly provide challenging opportunities to motivate our students and broaden their horizons


We aim to be recognized as a hub of excellence and strive towards building strong, serviceable and sustainable relationships within the industry


We incorporate meticulous and personalized evaluation with ongoing feedback, in order to ensure our courses are robust, and progress driven

Reach Us

  • 306, 3rd Floor, Block 10,
    Dubai International Academic City,
    Dubai, UAE
  • Level 2A, GateA5, Dubai International Stadium, Dubai Sports City, Dubai, UAE
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