Diploma in Business and Management with Foundation in Business

Nest Academy’s Diploma in Business and Management is one of the most sought after qualifications in the 21st century. Our well-researched curriculum will introduce students to the key concepts of Business Management and offer a solid foundation of the multidisciplinary corporate world today.

This programme is based on the application-based model of learning in which students will gain knowledge of the core subjects. Through case studies, projects, presentations, internships and industrial visits, students will become Business Management experts and will be able to identify opportunities for growth and broaden their career prospects.

Programme Details

ATHE Level 4 in Business Management + ATHE Level 3 in Business

Upto 24 Months

O Level / Grade 10 or Equivalent

Programme Modules (Year 2)

Module 1
The Business Environment

Module 2 
People in Organisations

Module 3 
Financial and Management Accounting Techniques for Managers

Module 4
Communication Skills for Business

Module 5 
The Marketing Mix

Module 6
Managing Operations

Module 7

Module 8
Customer Relationship Management

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